Celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day With Us this Saturday!

Celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day With Us this Saturday!

This Saturday we’ll be at the Winter Market at the KI Center and participating in Definitely De Pere’s Winter Sales Event!

Let’s be honest, we owe all the best flavors to the farmers who domesticated fruits and vegetables. 60,000 years of cooking (or more—recent revelations about Neanderthal cuisine have been interesting) have done little to improve upon the taste of the fresh apple, the fresh green bean, the fresh cucumber, etc. Step into a garden, pick something off a vine, branch, or stalk at the height of its ripeness. Could it possibly be improved? If there is* a grand contest between grower and chef, we side with the growers. But then there’s Chocolate Cake, the thing that gives us pause.

Chocolate cake is the greatest achievement that’s come from all of that culinary activity—with the tuna melt as a close second. Which begs the question, which is the greatest chocolate cake? My money would be on Chef Claudia Fleming’s Molten Chocolate Cake (this may be the recipe, though I don’t recall Bay Leaf Sauce) that I was served at Gramercy Tavern in 1999. But our rich, chocolate brownies infused with uBu’s Macha Chili Oil is right up there. It’s a celebration of the Americas. Chocolate and Chiles have been constant traveling companions through the centuries and I think they’re happiest when they’re together. Covered in a thick layer of our Macha Chili Oil, the brownies are delectable, especially with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream.

We have two ways that you can enjoy these.

1.) We’ll have some for sale this Saturday at:

  • Winter Farmers Market at the KI Center this Saturday, January 21st from 8am to noon. (FYI there are two more Winter Markets at the KI Center after this: February 4th and February 18th.)

  • uBu’s Hummus Kitchen, also this Saturday, January 21st from 11am to 2pm. We’ll be participating in Definitely De Pere’s Winter Sales Event.We will also have our full line of uBu Foods products available at both events on January 21st.

2.) You can make them yourself… here’s the recipe.

Hiker’s Hummus at the National Parks

We have been diligently working to place our Hiker’s Hummus at National Parks for the 2023 season. We are happy to say that you’ll find it at Yellowstone, Glacier, and the Grand Canyon National Parks this summer. If you happen to go to one of those places, keep an eye out. We’d love some snaps!

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