• Fresh-Frozen?

    We found that fresh-freezing our hummus was the best way to keep it fresh without using preservatives. Our hummus freezes better than most because it is mostly food and not oils. Just allow it to thaw in the fridge and enjoy!

  • Farmers Market Tested

    Our hummus flavors have been tested at the Farmers market. Every one of them is somebody's top favorite. You get to know what works and what doesn’t very quickly when you know your customers face to face.

  • Chickpeas, aka Garbanzos

    Our chickpeas are sustainably grown on a Food Alliance certified, 5th generation family farm in Eastern Washington state. Chickpeas are a nitrogen-fixing legume that help to replenish the soil. So not only is eating chickpeas good for you, it literally makes the world a better place.

  • Great Ingredients, No Preservatives

    We use the same ingredients we would if we were making hummus at home… extra virgin olive oil, tahini, fresh garlic, 100% lemon juice (not citric acid), etc. We don’t use any preservatives.

Our Fresh Frozen Hummus is local

Sorry folks, you're just going to have to come to Wisconsin to enjoy our hummus 😉. You can order below for pickup at our Hummus Kitchen in De Pere, Wisconsin; or check our 'Partners' page.