Wholesale Information


Hikers, backpackers, travelers, and hummus lovers of all types are looking for ways to enjoy their favorite snack wherever they are—let's meet them there.

(And we love wholesaling our Macha Chili Oils too.)

Product Lines

Please contact us for line sheets.

  • Hiker's Hummus: Freeze dried hummus.
  • Macha Chili Oils. Our Macha Chili Oils—based on Salsa Macha from Southeastern Mexico— are wonderful. If your customers are anything like ours, they will find them habit forming...
  • Frozen Hummus and Other Perishables: Our frozen products are intended for the local market. if you're in Eastern or Central Wisconsin, drop us a line and we will be happy to introduce you to our regional distributors. 

The Best Way

Old School

Call us old fashioned, but we love nothing more than to get orders via email and then to ship them out with an invoice (30 day terms). You can even place an order with a telephone. Email Linda a linda@ubufoods.com to set up an account.

The Second best way


We have selected Faire as our preferred platform for online wholesale orders. They offer free returns for first orders, 60-day terms for 'eligible' retailers, and a $100 credit & free shipping for a year for newly registered Faire customers.

If you choose to go this route, please bookmark this page and use the Faire Direct link below.