uBu Who?

We value curiosity

We are homebodies who—every now and then—need to get outside. It's this restlessness that's propelled us through nearly 20 years of running a business, starting a family, and some pretty intense traveling.

We got our start when Linda opened Kavarna, a vegetarian coffeehouse, in 1999. Later, when we had our first kid, it just made sense for us to start working together as a team. And that's the way it's been ever since.

Running Main Street businesses was an incredible experience. In addition to the coffeehouse, we opened an Italian deli, a soup café, and a concession stand in the middle of the Fox River. We learned a lot and met 1000s of amazing people along the way. But after 20 years, it was time to try something new, time to get outside.

So in 2019, we sold Kavarna and started making hummus for local restaurants, farmers markets, and grocers. Though the past several years have thrown a couple of curve balls ("Holy pandemic, Batman!"), it was the right choice.

But a questions began to nag us... Could we make hummus a more sustainable product? With freeze-drying, refrigeration and single use plastics are both virtually eliminated. So we're starting by making freeze-dried hummus for hikers... a Hiker's Hummus, if you will 😉. You can read more about our sustainability mission here.

So that's us. We're real people trying something out.

—Linda and Alex Galt