The Best Mac & Cheese is Better with Macha Chili Oil

The Best Mac & Cheese is Better with Macha Chili Oil

The point here is that our Macha Chili Oil will magically transform any Mac and Cheese into something, dare I say, memorable. It’s true, probably even for that stuff from the box. But what if the Mac and Cheese you start with is already memorable? What would happen then? How memorable can food even be? Will people write songs about it? Will a community raise money to erect a stone monument to it in their town square? Will young toughs tattoo it on their forearms? Probably not, but writing is fun. You may as well try and find out for yourself just how memorable this dish is. Perhaps you’ll be moved to hyperboles as well. Here’s the Mac & Cheese recipe that Linda put together that has completely revolutionized Mac & Cheese for our family. It’s very clever the way it uses the pasta’s own starches to thicken the sauce. Give it a try. And then add Macha Chili Oil to it.

The Best Mac and Cheese

(To serve four moderate eaters)

In a big pot, bring to a simmer (not a boil):

4 cups whole milk

2 teaspoons sea salt

2 tablespoons butter

Once the milk is hot, stir in 10 ounces (approximately) of pasta (we favor “Radiatore”) follow the directions on the box (except for the boiling bit) and cook until al dente.

Reduce heat and stir in 2 cups shredded/grated cheese. You may be asking yourself, “What kind?” And the answer is: the kind you have, the kind you like, whatever melts your fancy. We’ve used sharp cheddar, fontina, pepper jack, or combinations of the above.

To serve: Fill four bowls with the Mac and Cheese. Add Macha Chili Oil to the top. Sprinkle with toasted breadcrumbs. Put a Lee Dorsey record on the hi-fi. Bon Appetit!

Here are a few points about this recipe that are worth pointing out:

  • You’re essentially making homemade Mac & Cheese in the same amount of time as it would take to make the stuff in the box (if we’re ignoring the existence of microwave ovens).

  • With a little re-jiggering this recipe is adaptable to Alfredo-type pasta dishes.

  • If you’re using a pot that has a steaming basket, you can steam broccoli or cauliflower and just plonk it in there.

  • Just one pot to clean.



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