Hiker's Hummus Flatbread "Pizza"

This recipe—it's really more of a hint—began almost 25 years ago when Linda opened Kavarna, a café in downtown Green Bay. Casting around for simple vegetarian menu items, she created the "Maud Dib" (Linda's a Dune fan). This was a Greek-style pita (very important) baked with hummus and other ingredients. It proved to be very popular. The possible combinations you can find in baking flatbread with hummus and other ingredients on top are endless. Realistically, it's going to start with whatever happens to be in your refrigerator and pantry. The key point though is this... Hiker's Hummus is ready when you are.

Here is one possible Hiker's Hummus Flatbread Pizza out of 1,000,000s.

"Greek" Flatbread Pizza with Hiker's Hummus


1 pouch, Roasted Garlic Hiker's Hummus

according to directions.

Spread on to

4 Greek-style pitas

and top with

Sliced tomato

Feta cheese

Kalamata Olives


Bake at 350º for about 6 minutes, or until cheese begins to melt.


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