Top 3 Reasons Macha Chili Oil is the Perfect Host Gift During #DryJanuary

Top 3 Reasons Macha Chili Oil is the Perfect Host Gift During #DryJanuary

Many people for many reasons observe Dry January and take the month off from drinking. The idea started with Alcohol Change UK, a non-profit organization that exists to reduce harm that comes with excessive alcohol consumption. It’s an idea that’s taken off with a lot of people, many of whom may not have any particular issues with alcohol, but who see the benefit of taking a pause. It’s an opportunity to reassess your relationship with alcohol. According to Alcohol Change, you may notice improved sleep pattens and other positive health impacts, as well as a fuller wallet. According to their research, 70% of people who have participated in Dry January permanently shifted their drinking habits in a healthier direction. If this seems like a good idea, it’s definitely not too late to get started, click here. We’ve noticed in our own social media feeds that many people we know participate. Which begs the question: What should I bring as a host gift during the month of January, if not a bottle of wine?

We’re glad you asked.

3 Reasons Macha Chili Oil is the Ultimate #DryJanuary Host Gift

  1. As a non-alcoholic, consumable food item, the gift is respectful of your host’s personal choices during a month when they may be reevaluating their relationship to the sauce.

  2. It’s a gift that says, “I am a thoughtful person who thinks of you as a person with great taste and I want your life to be full of tasty experiences.” Isn’t that a nice sentiment to convey?

  3. It’s fun to introduce your friends to new tastes, odds are they haven’t had Macha Chili Oil before!

To help encourage this new January host gift tradition, we’ve set up the discount code: DRY15, just enter it during the check-out process, and you will get a 15% percent discount. It’s good through the end of the month.

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