Three Days Until the Green Bay Farmers Market!

Three Days Until the Green Bay Farmers Market!

(Dr. Fenner, I presume. You never know whom you'll run into at the Market!)

Can you believe that this Saturday is the first Market of the season? Our lives are ruled by farmers markets—and not just because we're vendors. The answer to the question of what we'll eat from the end of May until October begins with what we brought home from the markets. And when we travel, we always visit markets to see what the people there are enjoying. The farmers market in Gallup, N.M., for example, is not to be missed. The Navajo do it right.

The Green Bay Farmers Market is a venerable institution. This year marks its 106th season, which makes it one of the oldest around. Green Bay's always been a market town, a center for regional commerce going all the way back to when farmers hitched horses to wagons. Come to the market and ask around, you'll find that quite a few the vendors are second or third generation. Our market's got roots. I first recall going to the market with my parents in the 1980s. Since then the scope of what's available has vastly expanded. If not for some dried goods, you could almost get away with buying your food there exclusively. 

This will be our 9th season at the GBFM (our 5th as uBu Foods). This year, we'll be selling our fresh, frozen hummus, our Hiker's Hummus, our Macha Chili Oil, and a few products that you'll only find at our market booths (like our Perfect Peanut Sauce!) Come say, 'Hi!' For those of you in the Fox Cities, the Appleton Farmers Market begins on June 3rd. For those of you outside NE Wisconsin, thanks for putting up with localized marketing messages (assuming you're reading this) and you should come visit sometime, our region's got a lot to offer! It is, after all, the best place in the United States according to US News and World Report... for whatever that's worth 😉.

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