The Season for Giving

The Season for Giving

or, let’s talk about 1% for the Planet and the Lower Fox

You might have noticed the 1% for the Planet logo on our packaging. The holiday season is a time for gift giving, so let’s talk about it. The program is simple enough that the entire model fits in the name. You calculate 1% of your profits* and contribute them through the organization to vetted, ecologically-minded non-profits. We love it. Every company, no matter how ‘green,’ is going to be a drag on the environment, there’s no real way around it. 1% effectively puts a “floor” on a what a company is giving back to the natural environment that supports it. And once it’s on your packaging… let’s just say you’re disinclined to take it off. One of the best things about the program is that you get to direct where your $ goes from a list of approved non-profits. For us, the choice was an easy one.

Dall-E AI created image of 'people who love hummus enjoying the Fox River.' 

While some progress has been made in undoing this damage, it’s still not restored to what it should be. The proof is that from time to time, an agency or organization will attempt to replant wild rice along its banks, but it doesn’t take. The water is not yet clean enough. If we could sum up our hopes for our local ecology in one potential moment, we would love to enjoy wild rice grown on the Lower Fox someday. For that reason we chose the Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance (FWWA). The FWWA is focused on the restoration of the Watershed through a variety of programs. You can learn more about it here. You can even take their Watershed Pledge as we have (our rain barrel is ready to go for 2023!)

* There is a minimum contribution of $300 per year.

** Of Wisconsin, of course. We don't acknowledge the existence of the other Fox River in Illinois.

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