A River Runs Through Us

A River Runs Through Us

Live in the Green Bay Area? You’ll be hearing from a lot of organizations about #GiveBigGreenBay… On February 21st, please consider giving to the Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance

We are happy to announce that our 1% for the Planet partner, the Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance, was chosen to be part of Give Big Green Bay! This is a really big deal. “Give Big” is an online “giving day” sponsored by the Green Bay Packers, Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, and others. Not only does it provide an excellent platform for getting the word out, it provides incentives and matching dollars ($522k in 2023). To date, it’s generated $8 million for local non-profits. It’s only been around for a few years, but it’s already become one of the most important dates in local philanthropy. And… it’s fun. There is a lot of friendly competition for fundraising prizes: for the most donors, for the most $ raised, etc. To learn more and to see all of the worthy organizations you can support (you can pick as many as you like) go here. It starts February 21st at noon.

We talked a little about why we chose Fox-Wolf here, so I won’t belabor the point. Here’s the gist: the Fox River is at the center of our geographic life in Green Bay and De Pere and its health is one of the most important aspects of our local ecology. And while the industry that has characterized the past two centuries of the river’s life has been important to our communities, it’s time to repair the damage that we did. While we’ve made progress, there’s still a lot left to do, our rivers are worth it.

While Fox-Wolf is accomplishing a lot, the heartbreaking thing is that every year there are opportunities that they have to say “no” to because they don’t have the resources to say “yes.” The more money they raise, the more they can do, the more people they can reach, the more partnerships they can create, and the better our watershed will become.

And, what’s good for the rivers is good for the Bay, what’s good for the Bay is good for the Lake, what’s good for the Lake is good for the migratory waterfowl, what’s good for the migratory waterfowl is good for the…. You get the idea, talk about spending your donation money wisely!

Finally, there’s a big prize for receiving the most donations, so even very small donations are very important!

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